You can DIY a mat out of cork, leather, felt If the RCA connectors are corroded, I would replace them with some   Base and leather mat from Thorens 11/13/2019 To decouple the record player from the ground, Thorens launches the absorber plate TAB1600 in December. It consists of a combination of an MDF base board and a layer of acoustic foam. Non-static platter mat consisting of fine granules (rubber, cork). Made to effectively suppress the typical resonance generated in vinyl records during playback as well as to provide a silent foundation. Leather Construction Enjoy a more luxurious look and feel when playing records by adding the brown THORENS Leather Turntable Platter Mat to your turntable.

Thorens leather mat

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Thorens logo. Acoustically optimized turntable by resonance dampening. The standard issue Thorens rubber platter mat does not allow the use of record clamps. I fashioned this mat out of a top layer of cowhide and a sub-layer of stiffened felt. The two layers are glued together, then glued This setup allows record clamp use. The Original WHEATON Leather Turntable Mat Made in USA wht 02410 $165.00: THORENS Leather Turntable Platter Mat damps resonance Black AUTHORIZED DEALER $99.99: Premium Swiss Leather Platter Mat LP Vinyl Record Turntable Charcoal $31.95 Thorens Leather Platter Mat Analogue @ Hifisound Ltd. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in.


Thorens TD-165 / TD-160 / TD-145 Rubber Platter Mat in Great Condition #2. $39.00.

Thorens leather mat

Thorens leather mat

Tonar Crystal Turntable Mat £96.99. 1 2 3: Show All Products: Page 1 of 3: 52 Items DIY "None-Felt" mat: cheap and easy to make. Cork / leather mat. Here's one that works nicely.

£75.00. Add To Basket Add To Basket.
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Thorens leather mat

Leather Construction Enjoy a more luxurious look and feel when playing records by adding the brown THORENS Leather Turntable Platter Mat to your turntable. Construction Material Leather Dimensions Not Specified by Manufacturer Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer Package Weight 0.405 lb Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.5 x 12 The Hiraga mat comes in a stylish brown/green autumn color and is adorned with the JH logo. Only the top side of the mat is rough, the underside is smooth. By the looks of it, the leather mat has not been treated with anything so it will be susceptible to stains of finger grease as the most obvious source. DIY "None-Felt" mat: cheap and easy to make.

The Thorens’ leather mat prevents the resonance that is often found in turntables buy absorbing the vibrations that naturally occur. It’s made from high-quality leather and comes in both Black and Brown with the Thorens’ printed in the centre. High quality platter mat of real leather. Exclusive platter mat made from high-quality leather. Thorens logo. Acoustically optimized turntable by resonance dampening. Original Thorens replacement belt made of a special rubber compound.
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Fast & Free shipping on many items! Soft suede leather mat in black that is medium thickness (between 2mm-3mm), and has a supple, nappy texture to it. I got this mat originally to replace the Rega mat on my RP6 a few years back. I found it at a local shop here in Vancouver, and immediately noticed an improvement in sound quality over the stock Rega mat at the time (and my static issues vanished). WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED THORENS DEALER!

Kontakta personen direkt! Leather It Platter Mat - Grey. $59.00.
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Kód Th0215#ThP#SK#1. Kvalitná podložka pod gramofónovú platňu v luxusnom vyhotovení z pravej kože. Buy Premium Swiss Leather Platter Mat - For LP Vinyl Record Turntable Decoupling Thorens, Garrard, Micro SeikiFeaturesPremium precision crafted leather  Pro-Ject Leather It Leather mat. $89.00 inc. GST. • Alternative platter mats with special sound characteristics • Substitutes felt mats • Damping of resonances from  A good phono cartridge is sensitive to the interaction between a vinyl record and the surface of your turntable platter.

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Genuine Leather (Suede) +Cork Turntable Record Mat for Thorens, Garrard, Lenco, Rega, VPI, Avid & other turntables. This cork + leather turntable mat will improve the sound of almost all vinyl turntables. This Thorens Mat is made of real leather. While it will not add significant thickness as to cause vertical tracking angle issues, it will provide the damping characteristics that, under critical listening cisrcumstances, improve the overall performance of any quality playback system.